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Let's overcome difficulties together!

Dear Sammi, your family, EG Square friends and all Moulton friends in Nagoya and beyond of course!

Firstly, we’d like to send our very best wishes to you all, hoping that you stay safe and well and that better times lie ahead in the not too distant future.

On Monday night the UK Prime Minister increased the severity of the lockdown in this country; at the same time he also clarified that a healthy walk, jog or cycle ride are approved activities that we can still do outside our homes. Hopefully this is good for everyone as cycling, as we know, is a very pleasant activity (even when cycling alone) and getting out of the house and into the fresh air once a day will help calm the nerves of millions of us. Cycling is also seen as a better transport option for key workers like hospital staff and emergency workers otherwise taking public transport, which is now a growing contagion concern. So here at Moulton, we have introduced increased distancing between our workers, heightened cleanliness schedules and are working from home where possible. For the time being, we hope to continue manufacturing, assembling and shipping to you, thus getting bikes into the hands of our customers, both old and new.

Well done for all of your efforts, stay safe and we’ll stay in touch with any significant updates.

All best and good luck! Stay well!


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